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        I grew up surrounded by cameras, actors, writers, and all the best talent in Venezuelan film and television from the 80s. I remember working as a boom man in a movie directed by my father when I was 17 years old and I hated that moment because of the schedule. I was a teenager who also wanted to have fun with my friends and this job did not give me any free time. I started studying computing because I didn't want to be a part of it, I didn't understand it. Over time I fell in love with the magic of editing. I remember post-production rooms with one-inch VPR 80 model videotapes, video switcher, ADO, audio mixer, etc... I spent nights there as a producer and began linear editing VTR to VTR in Betacam SP and then Digital in the television channel TELEVEN. When Avid hit the market changing the future of the editing system, my first thoughts were, “OMG that’s incredible!” I saw the future for the first time and I remember my boss telling me: “Hey Julio, keep editing on VTRs because you're faster.” Since I was learning Avid Media Composer, I told him not to worry because once I knew how to use it, he was going to be surprised, and he was. It was amazing at the time. I continue to learn and understand that to work in this industry, you have to be passionate and truly be in love with what you do. I began to specialize in post-production and with the dream of becoming a director like my father, I said: “I have to know all the departments to be a complete director.” I produced, I learned about cameras, lighting, and audio, among others, but I always kept editing. I ended up editing all TV formats, commercials, and films. Obtaining a lot of experience and some recognition for my work. Now, with more than 30 years of experience, I continue learning and adapting to the new technologies and times that are revolutionizing our industry but am always in love with what I am doing and getting the results I want.

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